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It’s time to make your pledge! Review the pledges that have already been made and consider what you will do to support people living with sight loss.

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to facilitate collaboration across the eye health community to improve the lives of people living with sight loss.


to improve access to timely eye care for everyone affected by macular disease and ensure the best patient outcomes.

The Macular Society

to work with the new National Clinical Director to implement a comprehensive national strategy for eye care.

Fight for Sight

to support community optometrists and ophthalmologists to increase the uptake of routine eye tests that can prevent avoidable sight loss, particularly for hard-to-reach or high-risk populations.

The Association of Optometrists

to work with Health Education England to support healthcare professionals to develop new skills to increase ophthalmology capacity.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists

to continue to find ways to help organisations work together to find solutions.

Caroline Nokes MP

to continue to push for support when people need it to get the best outcomes for them.

Phil Ambler, RNIB

to identify/promote recovery and resilience of our patient services via utilising clinical trial strategies and out patient metrics ECAD/LCAD, and community pathways.


to work together with my colleagues and partner organisations to continue to develop world class eye care and prevent sight loss.

Louisa Wickham, Moorfields Eye Hospital

to continue to lead work to reduce avoidable sight loss.

John Ashcroft, NHS England

to support the work of the Parternership to improve access to eye care in North Devon.

Selaine Saxby, Conservative Party, MP for North Devon

to work with partners to provide the best service possible for our patients.

Tushar Majithia, AOP, Lunettes eye care

to lobby minitsters in Parliament to secure funding to tackle NHS waiting lists for treatment for patients with sight loss.

Grahame Morris, Labour Party, MP for Easington

to work everyday to drive investment in eye research so we can save sight and change lives

Keith Valentine, Fight for sight, Chief Executive

to support and improve Eye Health in my constituency , the NHS and across the UK.

to encourage all constituents to take care of their eyes.

to promote good eye health and a National Eye Health Plan.

Peter Hampson, AOP, Clinical Director

to stand up for all those who require regular eye care across the UK.

to support the call for a patient centric national plan for eye health.

John white, AOP, Communications Director

to work with the Eyes Have It partners to campaign for a national plan for eye health in England.

Carolyn Ruston, AOP, Director of Policy

to prioritise eye are and a National Eye Care Plan.

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour Party, MP for Streatham

to prioritise prevention and treatment for all people who might experience sight loss.

Marco Longhi, Conservative Party, MP for Dudley North

to lobby the Government to ensure eye care is prioritised!

Dawn Butler, Labour Party, MP for Brent Central

to continue to fight for patients to get the right support when they need it.

Phil Ambler, RNIB, England Country Director

to do what I can to improve eye health in scotland – sharing best practise across UK.

to support the development of a national plan and prioritise prevention.

Jo Gideon, Conservative Party, MP for Stoke-on-Trent central

to campaign for support for patients while they are waiting.

Jessica Morden, Labour Party, MP for Newport East

to work with The Eyes Have It partnership to bring about the positive change we want to see.

Will Qunice, Conservative Party, MP for Colchester

to raise awareness of eye health in Walsall south.

Valerie Vaz, Labour Party, MP for Walsall South

to work with the campaign group to raise awareness about a national action plan for eye health.

Florence Eshalomi, Labour Party, MP for Vauxhall

to turn words into actions and ensure we publish an eye health strategy.

Nickie Aiken, Conservative Party, MP for cities of London and Westminster

to put care at the centre of Health policy.

Dr Liam Fox, Conservative Party, MP for North Somerset

to contniue to seek an Eye Care Strategy.

Mathew Offord, Conservative Party, MP for Hendon

We can all play our part in helping and breaking down the barriers for those with sight loss.

to campaign for those most at risk of sight problems and least likely to get the eye care they need to hav e an equal right to sight.

Dawn O’brien, Seeability, Policy, Public Affairs and Research Manager

to promote the importance of good eye health in Parliament.

Andrew Gwynne, Labour Party, MP for Denton and Reddish

to bring the Eyes Have It to the attention of Health Minister.

Jim Shannon, DUP, MP for Strangford

to continue calling for a National Eye Care Strategy and more resources and investment.

Marsha De Cordova, Labour Party, MP for Battersea

to make “Good eye health for the constituents of Tatton”.

Esther McVey, Conservative Party, MP for Tatton

to campaign for a National Plan for Eye Care in England and ensure the voices of those with sight loss get heard.

to Campaign for a National Plan for Eye Care.

to support those with sight loss in Scotlanf to ensure they have access to the care they need.

Patricia Gibson, Scottish National Party, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran

to work to advance eye care at every opportunity.

to support constituents with eye issues.

Lisa Cameron, Health APPG Chair 

to continue to promote research on the lens and to challenge biopharma to develop non-surgical interventions to treat cataract and presbyopia.

Roy Quinlin, University of Durham, Professor of Biomedial Sciences

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